2019 FEB 23 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Looks like there is a chance that we won’t have to run in the rain tomorrow morning.  That’s okay, we’ll manage.  Remember to bring an exercise mat because we’ll hit the deck, plus a change of clothes for after the run.   Warm-up: Range of Motion (ROM) RoutineHip Mobility Strength: Rehab/Prehab Routine Workout: 30:00 – […]

Photo on 2-8-19 at 19.30

2019 FEB 09 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Wow – what a great week (or I should say Thursday) for me – I was able to participate at both the Dawn Patrol workout and the Oval Office workout.  Big thanks to all of the Balanced Runners at these workouts in the dark J We’re going to mix the routine up a bit […]

2019 Feb 02 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Well this weekend looks a lot warmer than last weekend.  Big shout out to the hearty runners that completed last week’s workout – Sarah, Stacie, Emmanuel, & Melanie! They rocked the cold. This week’s plan looks a lot like last week’s – given the weather the Fantastic Four (SSEM) got right to the […]