The Dark side of the Blue Light

How many of us have the bad habits of using our “artificial” lighting? Yes, the blue light on our devices, be they the iPhones, iPads etc., comes with a price when having them at our fingertips 24/7. Did you know that the light throws off our REM and our body’s biological clock, the circadian rhythm […]

How much do you spend on bottled H2O

It’s hard to believe time has changed and so has our weather, it’s up, it’s down, it’s just nor normal. So here’s a question, how much do you spend on your H2O? If you’re like me, you’ve probably had or purchased the “oxygen water”.  Here are some fun facts regarding Oxygenated H2O: Exercising as hard […]

alexa launch br

Weekly Running Tips on Alexa

I’m pleased to announce that Balanced Running is now on Amazon Echo. Each week you’ll receive a new running tip from world-ranked and All-American Track Athlete, Tina Klein. This Alexa Skill is offered at no additional charge. Step 1: Enable the Balanced Running Skill. Say to your Amazon Echo, “Alexa, enable Balanced Running.” Step 2: […]

2018 MAR 10 – BR Workout

Hi Balanced Runners – Tomorrow looks like a great day to train!  Good temp, no rain in the morning, AROO (that is for the Spartan Tribe).    Here is what is planned for tomorrow: Warm-up: Range of Motion routine Hip mobility Squats Single leg toe touches Cadence drill Spartan Add-On – OR – Drills & Strength: […]

2018 MAR 03 – BR Workout

Hi Balanced Runners – Looks like tomorrow is going to be a nice, bright, sun shiny day!  That’s a perfect way to kick off the next phase of our Winter/Spring session.  Training for the first K’Saw GP race on 12 May begins tomorrow, and so does specialized training for the Spartan Crowd.  Non-Spartan racers are […]