Tina Klein, USATF All-American & certified
run coach in Atlanta is dedicated to bringing
passion & compassion to runners of all levels.

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We offer coaching clinics in the community,
with structured group runs and walks
for all levels and abilities.

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it’s all about having fun
and reaching new milestones.


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Tina Klein

RRCA Certified Coach

Tina Klein, MPA is a current world ranked and All-American track athlete. Tina created Balanced Running with passion to bring the benefits of a balanced life through running to as many people as possible.

Concierge coaching is also available for 1:1 individualized training.
Initial Consultation + session packages:

    • 1 – one hour session
    • 5 – one hour sessions
    • 10 – one hour sessions
    • 15 – one hour sessions
    • 20 – one hour sessions

Group Training Programs

8 weeks (Thursday & Saturday mornings) – designed for group training with a series of speed, strength & agility for all levels of athletic ability. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, run a faster 5k, 10k or just run at the park with an awesome group, we provide a fun, supportive positive training atmosphere.


5 Ways Running Improves Your Heart Health

5 Ways Running Improves Your Heart Health

As a dedicated runner and coach, I've seen firsthand how running can transform not just your body, but specifically your heart health. Here are five ways running can boost your cardiac wellness: 1. Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels Consistent running, like...

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5 Benefits of Running Strides

5 Benefits of Running Strides

Strides, also known as stride-outs or accelerations, are not only enjoyable but also significantly beneficial for improving your running form and speed. They are an essential part of training, preparing your body for faster paces in upcoming hard workouts. 5 Benefits...

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Best Post-Run Foods for Recovery

Best Post-Run Foods for Recovery

What you eat and drink after your run can significantly impact your recovery process. One of the best recovery drinks I recommend is chocolate milk. Why chocolate milk? Studies have found that the protein in chocolate milk, along with its natural sugar content, plays...

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Concierge Coaching

Need a training program that fits your busy schedule? Balanced Running offers individual coaching to help meet your running goals at your convenience. Contact us for more information about personal training.

Group Training

Our Running Development Program is offered in partnership with Kennesaw Parks & Recreation. Training caters to all levels of runners and walkers, and all distances from 5K to full Marathons.