Gurney to Finish Line Journey – #4

WOW – it has been one month since surgery – I cannot believe the progress of my recovery.  Therapy is still humbling, but gains in strength and mobility are noticeable. This post, like many in the future are going to be about things that helped me through my injury, surgery, recovery, and finish line process.  […]

Should I cross train or weight lift?

Should I cross train or weight lift? Have you noticed on your training plans you’ll have intensity on one, rest on the other, XT on certain days?  When you add strength training (whether you’re an endurance or short distance athlete) it’s imperative to add a variety of weight lifting, cross-training, etc. Ensuring you’re not adding […]


Please note, information on Anti-Doping applies to athletes who want to train and compete at a National or International Meet. (the following applies to all athletes, young and seasoned). 🙂 But there is useful information regarding supplements which some of our athletes consume. US ANTI-DOPING – KNOW THE RULES: Anyone can be chosen at anytime […]