I’ve learned that growth and improvement in running aren’t just about physical training; they’re about mental fortitude and embracing your identity as an athlete. Let’s dive into how you can step out of your comfort zone and unlock your true potential.

Train Your Brain: The Mental Muscle

First and foremost, remember that your mind is a mental muscle. Just as you engage your body in training, you must also engage your mind. Mental toughness and resilience play a huge role in overcoming physical challenges and achieving your goals.

Embrace Your Athlete Identity

If you’re training for an event, guess what? You’re an athlete. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to running or a seasoned marathoner. Challenges, whether in training, education, relationships, or careers, are opportunities for change and growth.

The Necessity of Challenges

While not always enjoyable, challenges are essential for growth. They teach us to:

  1. Adapt to adversity: As an athlete, you learn to adapt and overcome.
  2. Build skills to manage hardships, especially in training.
  3. Set goals and stay motivated: Even the smallest challenges can have a significant impact on your life.

Adjusting Your Training Runs/Workouts

We all experience ups and downs in training. On days when it feels too hot to move or when motivation is lacking, it’s crucial to learn how to adjust.

Here’s the difference having a coach can make:

  • On-site modifications: A coach can modify your workout based on your performance during a session.
  • Listening to your body: Communicate with your coach about how you feel during solo training sessions.
  • Assessment and adaptation: Coaches help assess situations and modify training plans, adjusting expectations accordingly.
  • Openness to adjustments: Athletes who are open to changing their workouts tend to have more positive outcomes.
  • Turning negatives into positives: With a coach, a bad workout can become a valuable learning experience.

Join Balanced Running Group Training

Balanced Running, in partnership with Kennesaw Parks & Rec, offers group training sessions where:

  • You’ll realize that you are the most advanced machine on earth.
  • You can celebrate your health by signing up for training opportunities.
  • The gift of health and fitness can be shared with friends and family.
  • We also offer 1:1 concierge coaching sessions for personalized attention.

Running 101 ~ C3 Training

Our training focuses on three key areas:

  • Core: Strengthening your core for better stability and efficiency.
  • Conditioning: Building endurance and speed.
  • Cardio: Improving your cardiovascular health for a stronger heart and lungs.

Remember: If You’re Moving, You’re Still Improving…

Every step you take is a step towards improvement. Whether it’s a slow jog or a sprint, you’re making progress. Embrace your journey as an athlete, challenge yourself, and celebrate each achievement.

Stay motivated, stay strong, and keep running!