2019 JAN 26 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! It is going to be cold tomorrow morning – be sure to dress accordingly and bring a change of clothes to change into after training.  Below is the general plan for the morning, however, we may adjust things to manage cold weather exposure. Warm-up: Range of Motion (ROM) Routine Hip Mobility Workout: […]

Running + Antibiotics = Caution

Several questions came our way regarding running and medication(s).  Keep in mind, we’re speaking from a coach’s point of view, obviously we’re not physicians, however, if you have any concerns at any time, please refer to your healthcare provider for medical issues. Question (geared towards dehydration): I’ve been really tired lately and have been getting […]

2019 JAN 19 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Looks like it may be raining tomorrow morning.  We’ll check the weather tomorrow around 06:30 and indicate on Facebook if we are training. Remember, we train in the rain, however, we don’t train in dangerous conditions.  If it is merely raining, we will meet in the picnic shelters down by the beginning […]

2019 JAN 12 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners!   Welcome to 2019!  Hope the year has treated you well so far and looking forward to running our way through it. As in the past, we start the year with rehab/prehab training.  The objective is to work on balancing out any asymmetries we developed last year and preparing our bodies for a […]

Gurney to Finish Line Journey – #5

Gurney to Finish Line Journey – 5 We all have certain circles of friends or groups of people in our lives.  As many do, I often refer to these groups in my life as tribes.  A few of the tribes in my life are family, cadre, Balanced Running, work, professional, health & wellness and so […]