Lactic Acid and ART information

When you run, one foot is always off the ground, so each foot strikes the ground with a force equal to three times body weight (regardless of how fast you run) and the faster you run, the greater the force of each foot strike. Walking is generally much safer however, keep in mind, when you […]

VO2 Max

What is VO2 Max? It’s the maximum amount of Oxygen in milliliters used per kilogram of the person’s body weight in one minute during maximum aerobic exercise (i.e. running).VO2 max values are precise as ml O2/kg x min. Female’s equation in calculating VO2 Max: VOx Max = 72.9 – [1.77 x (2-mile-run time in decimal […]

Time to put some spring in your step…

Did you know there are 6 ways to burn extra calories? House walking-yes, walking around your: house, apartment, dorm room, wherever and when ever ~ have fun and track your steps, it’s another fun way to motivate yourself, have stairs, have fun and go up and down for a certain amount of time. It takes […]