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2019 MAR 30 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Greetings from New Orleans! Welcome to week three of the first 5k training cycle.  The Klein Coaching Duo will be with you in spirit – Coaches Debra, Andy & Bill “put you through the paces” tomorrow morning. Here is the plan for tomorrow morning… Warm-up:        ROM Routine                         Hip Mobility Drills:              Skipping Run:                Time – 30:00                         Miles […]

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2019 MAR 23 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Welcome to week two of the first 5k training cycle.  Fingers crossed – it will be warmer tomorrow morning.   To accommodate schedules, we are going to try moving the durability session up this week.  Again, we are going to focus on our feet with this week’s specialty topic specifically the big toe joint.  We’ll also […]


Alexa + Running = Running Clothes

Hi! My name is Caroline Dunn, and I am one of Tina’s athletes and the webmaster for her website. I’ve combined my knowledge of running (under the coaching of Tina Klein) with my Alexa dev skills to create an app for Amazon Alexa called, “Running Clothes.” I created “Running Clothes” to take the guesswork out […]

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2019 MAR 16 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Welcome to the first 5k training cycle of 2019!  This 8-week training evolution will prepare us for the first Kennesaw Grand Prix, the Swift Cantrell Classic, and work on making us better running and walking machines.  I will bring printed copies of each training plan version and we’ll complete a quick brief before we […]

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2019 MAR 09 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Looks like we may have rain tomorrow morning – remember WE TRAIN IN THE RAIN!  We will be on the lookout for storms, we will not have practice if the conditions are dangerous.  With that said, get ready for the last Rehab/Prehab session of the season.  Next week we begin our slow march to the […]

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2019 MAR 02 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Just looked at the calendar and realized we are now 10 weeks away from the first Kennesaw Grand Prix Race – Swift Cantrell Classic!  So, the groundhog saw its shadow again and there are only 2 weeks of Rehab/Prehab left.  Don’t worry, the 5k plan we roll into will include plenty of strength for […]


Gurney to Finish Line Journey – #6

So, an update is long overdue, but I was waiting to have a big one – and this is it!   Last week, I met with my surgeon’s office (his PA) and received word that I’m ready to return to running J.  Equally as good, my fears about long term problems have been dissipated…I was actually told, I’m […]