17 Mar 2020 – Time to Train!

Hey Balanced Running – During this time of uncertainty we should focus on the things we can control. Our daily training is something we can control. Our physical activity will help us cope with current circumstances by building our bodies and minds. If you want to train with me, check out Balanced Running’s Facebook and […]

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2019 JUL 06 – BR Workout – SSA # 4

Hello Balanced Runners, We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable INDEPENDENCE DAY!  Congratulations to everyone who completed their race of choice (We rocked Woodstock’s Freedom Run).   Looks like tomorrow is going to be another hot practice – please make sure you hydrate well tonight and bring a water bottle tomorrow.  We will also be hitting the […]

2019 JUN 29 – BR Workout – SSA #3

Hello Balanced Runners, Get ready to SWEAT! Looks like warming up is going to be pretty easy tomorrow morning.   This is the last evolution of our “MONA” series.  Next week we change modes and enter our “REPEAT” series. Warm-up: ROM routing Hip mobility Band exercises Workout: Drills: High knees Butt kicks Carioca A-skip B-skip Advanced butt kicks […]

2019 JUN 15 – BR Workout – SSA #1

Hello Balanced Runners, It’s that time, the summer session of the Runner Development Program starts tomorrow – bright & early at 07:30AM.  This 8-week session covers the training time for the next three Kennesaw Grand Prix races – so our focus is on speed, strength and agility (SSA).  Lace up your running shoes and get ready to […]

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2019 MAY 04 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Get Ready!  Balanced Running is meeting at the Fast & Furry 5k tomorrow morning.  The event promises a “Pawsome” time.  This race supports one of Coach Debra’s favorite organizations – Paw Angels.  Start time is 0900 in Calhoun GA. In you can’t make it – tomorrow’s plan is:  Warm-up:        ROM Routine                         Hip Mobility Drills:              Skipping Run:                Time – 30:00 […]


2019 APR 27 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Let’s start with a big shout-out to the members of our Balanced Running Tribe in Louisville KY for the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon.  We wish them all a “perfecta” race. Our morning in Kennesaw is also looking good – 50’ish, and no rain.  I don’t know about the wind, but keeping my fingers crossed […]


2019 APR 20 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Be prepared to bundle up tomorrow morning – it might be wet and cold.  If it is raining, we’ll gather in a pavilion at the bottom of the hill near the trail head.   Here is the plan for tomorrow morning… Warm-up:        ROM Routine                         Hip Mobility Drills:              Skipping Run:                Time – 30:00                         Miles (I) – 1.5 mile […]


Gurney to Finish Line Journey #7

Wow – time flies…it has been six weeks since I returned to running.  The progress that I’ve made has been incredible.  I started 3 x (walking for 5 min / running for 1 min) and felt like I had just completed a long run during marathon training.  I gradually progressed to completing 5 repeats of the 6-minute set […]