2017 APR 01 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners – Greetings from our Nation’s Capital. Sorry I will not physically be there at practice, but hopefully this workout will remind you that I’m there in spirit 🙂 Warm-Up: • ROM routine • Warm-up exercises (walking lunges, walking high kicks) Drills: • Skipping normal (~15 yds) • Skipping with vertical emphasis (~15 […]


How often have you heard someone ask you or perhaps say: I want to take a supplement to lose weight? I want to get faster so I need a supplement to help me?  I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of marketing business surrounding the wraps, supplements, etc. (there is never a quick […]

Workout – 03 MAR 2017

Hi Balanced Runners – Well, looks like winter wants to join our last rehab/prehab workout – dress accordingly. Be sure to bring your mat and dry clothes to change into after the endurance run. Here is what is on deck for tomorrow: Warm-up: • Range of Motion routine • Warm-up exercises: 3 x [10 squats […]