Mental Focus and Visualization

There’s a method to my madness, so entertain the thought for a moment or two. First of all, I have a coach, however, my coach does not run or train with me, he provides my workouts and I check in with him each Sunday. I say that because each of you have fantastic coaches who […]

Feeling Sluggish?

Feeling Sluggish?  First, your body is getting adjusted to training.  Second, Stress of any kind is still stress. During this training period, your heart rate can rise due to an increase in heat and/or humidity, especially if your body has not fully acclimated to our seasonal weather change.  When you’re not acclimated, your heart has […]

Shin Splints: Causes & Solutions

Several athletes had questions regarding “shin splints”: Shin splints may be caused from various items: Shoes, are you running in the correct shoes? Are you over-training? Foot exercises help with stretching out the shin area, try “writing the alphabet with your feet” not literally with a pen, but rather stand next to a chair (place […]

Base Building, Strength Building, Lactate Threshold (LT), & Aerobic Capacity

Base building consists of easy distance running, concentrating more so on logging in miles. This phase is the “least” exciting part of “training”.  This includes muscle cell adaption which: also begins in this phase, meaning increasing capacity for your blood cells to deliver “oxygen” to your body allowing other physiological improvements begin to take place […]


Several questions have come my way asking about issues with aches, pains, either with headaches and/or cramps; much of the time is associated with dehydration, please ensure you’re replenishing your fluids before, during and after your training. I’m always hesitant to recommend using ibuprofen otherwise known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (i.e. Advil, Motrin). Some […]

Pain vs. Soreness

Unfortunately there is no April Fools joke when it comes to pain or soreness. Your muscles have an abundant blood supply which also regenerate and respond faster to the overload of exercise you are putting your body through. The object of exercise should be to strengthen muscles (which can cause soreness) and not to overload […]


Running through pollen & asthma, etc…

Hello our fellow athletes, Well it’s that time again, the winds of change and seasons of running.  we’ve received several questions regarding Running with allergies and pollen. First and foremost if you have severe allergies you’ll want to get clearance from your healthcare provider to continue your physical activities and regimen.  Second, the best time […]


How often have you heard someone ask you or perhaps say: I want to take a supplement to lose weight? I want to get faster so I need a supplement to help me?  I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of marketing business surrounding the wraps, supplements, etc. (there is never a quick […]


Benefits of Volunteering & Cross Training

Our coaches volunteer week after week to be there to help you discover your untapped possibilities you have as an athlete. One of the benefits of volunteering is our health, did you know that research demonstrates volunteering leads to better health and that older volunteers are most likely to receive physical and mental health benefits […]