Is it Safe to Run Outside Amid COVID-19?

Does running increase or decrease my immunity to COVID-19? We’ve had quite a few COVID-19 related questions about running outdoors and the effect on our immune systems. In this email, we will review a few studies from certified health professionals on this topic to help you make the best decision for yourself. Disclaimer: This is […]


Cross Training for Runners

When cold weather strikes, (you may have experienced on your training days), it can damper your training regimen. Many of you may elect to go hit the slopes. Cross Training (XT) is great for that, just ask Balanced Running athlete, Caroline Dunn, 2019 Team USA Gold & Silver Medalist.


Flying, Traveling And Hydration

It’s getting to be that time of year when we start looking at race calendars, itineraries and travel information. So here’s a fun fact. Did you know that the average cruising speed for a passenger jet is 575 mph? Yes, the flying the jet “Aeroplane” is super fast but not as fast of the speed […]


Roll With Me

Regardless of the sport you’re training in, it’s always wise to get your muscles worked on by either a sports massage therapist, a physiotherapist, or at the very least stretch and foam roll. Foam rolling has many benefits of sports massage when you’re unable to see your massage therapist on a regular basis. Benefits of […]

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What’s in your supplement?

With a New Year there’s new goals for weight loss and lots of advertisements regarding “quick weight loss.” Bad news, there’s no “quick fix” to being athletic or having the proper nutrition for health and fitness. Are you intrigued by supplements that contain a “proprietary blend”? According to this ABC News article, “The popular body-building supplement Craze […]