Running races with a Mask:

My personal experience:

  • I wore my “throw-a-way” mask before, during and after my race. (then tossed it and replaced it with a fresh mask)
  • The temperature was at 37 degrees, which breathing in my mask kept me warm and not too bad when I began my race.
  • After the first mile, my mask was icky, sticky and wet. It was a bit difficult to breath but I had a person running next to me and didn’t any of his droplets.
    • Keep in mind, if you’re training with a mask, you’re adapting your body to the training elements, just like hills or track workouts, if you gradually train in those elements then our bodies become adjusted to the stress of training.
  • Lesson learned: I should have worn my performance “breathable” material mask.
    • I need to train with my mask – implement training elements.
  • I tossed my mask and replaced it with my performance material mask for the awards ceremony.