Running with a Fever?

There were several questions asked regarding running with a fever.  Many of us have either experience this or will experience this one day, especially given the recent weather patterns and changes in the season. The question runners always ask: Is it safe to run or not when you have a temperature? Should you “sweat it […]

5 cross-training options that closely simulate actual running

Even when you’re following a strict training plan, life can get in the way and make it hard to squeeze in a run. When life gets crazy, here are 5 cross-training options that closely simulate actual running:  Treadmill running Deep water running Cross-country skiing Elliptical training Cycling 1. Treadmill Running This cross-training activity simulates your running form […]

Recipe: Spiced Up Oranges

Quick and fun healthy snack or dessert.  Take 5 navel oranges, cut and peel and remove white rinds as much as possible. Set orange slices in bowl.  In a separate bowl, take 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and mix into 2 tablespoons of orange juice.  Blend well, then add into the orange pieces and mix thoroughly.  […]


Tips on Hydration

Many of you have experienced how difficult it can be running in the heat. Please remember it is vital that you hydrate. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Your blood is 90% water, sweat is 99% water and your muscle mass is 75% water. Your sweat rate is also affected by several conditions […]