What Shall I Wear?

Hello my fellow Athletes, It’s one of those things of nature, Jack Frost nipping at our nose and toes.  Here’s a general guide on running in different temperatures. [Caroline Dunn edit] If you have an Amazon Alexa device, you can also get a running clothing guide by saying, “Alexa, enable Running Clothes.” Clothing and Temperature […]


Running with a Fever?

There were several questions asked regarding running with a fever.  Many of us have either experience this or will experience this one day, especially given the recent weather patterns and changes in the season. The question runners always ask: Is it safe to run or not when you have a temperature? Should you “sweat it […]

5 cross-training options that closely simulate actual running

Even when you’re following a strict training plan, life can get in the way and make it hard to squeeze in a run. When life gets crazy, here are 5 cross-training options that closely simulate actual running:  Treadmill running Deep water running Cross-country skiing Elliptical training Cycling 1. Treadmill Running This cross-training activity simulates your running form […]