Hello and happy health~

Congrats to all who had a fantastic race this weekend!!!! You all rocked it. 🙂

You’ve heard the old saying: “We are what we eat”, to an extent, it’s true.  I had an interesting conversation not too long ago, I was asked, “how do you stay in shape? I want to look like you, I need to lose my gut”. 
My response: “we’re all built differently, there are no two alike, plus training is a life style, this is truly complements of the US Army, I wanted to jump out of perfectly good airplanes so I had to train, and train, and train. It’s all about discipline, consistency and hard work, if it’s worth it, then it’s worth the hard work”.
She then replied,  “I don’t want to do all the hard work, is there a pill or supplement I can just take, all the other stuff is just too hard and I’d rather just do it the easy way, pills, supplements but not exercise”, besides I see all these wraps, supplements, drinks, that will help me to lose without having to exercise.” 
Amazing at the mentality.  Everything we “earn” or do for ourselves that’s good for us — takes work, there are no “short cuts” (as each of you know). Losing weight: it’s a challenge, but putting it on comes so easy.  Getting an education: that’s hard work, but choosing not to go and further yourself, well that’s so easy.  Saving for your retirement: that takes discipline and yes, lot’s of hard work, but throwing money away, not investing in your future, that comes so easy.  Stay the course and train, each of you have made an investment in YOU! That’s important because you are worth it!  And You are Athletes~we look forward to helping you achieve your goal this fall session~
After my conversation with this person, I thought I’d share some fun facts:
How many miles does it take to run off a cheeseburger?   
  • 6 miles or 105 football fields – to burn off calories of a single cheeseburger
How do you lose a race after you’ve won it?   
  • By eating junk-food immediately after your event.
  • Exercise/training is good for your heart, lungs, muscles and brain, eating junk-food after your hard work can cause a person to still gain weight.
How long does it take to swim off a bag of chips?   
  • 31 minutes to swim off the calories in a small bag of chips.  And only 3 minutes to swim off the calories in a carrot. 
  • Love fries? You will need 65 minutes to swim off the calories in a large order of fries. 
How can you gain weight without eating, how far do I have to run?
  • Sugary drinks are a reason folks gain weight, yes even the diet drinks are not healthy or a good option.
  • 20 oz. soda has 250 calories = 5 miles of walking or 50 minutes of running to burn it off (based on someone who is 110 lbs.)
  • Or, you can Climb 2,605 stairs to burn off that pop.
  • Drink water – you can always infuse it with citrus or fruit
What is red and yellow and makes you hungry? 
  • Food companies, studies have shown, colors red and yellow make us feel hungry and eat faster.   This increases the chances of us choosing foods that are unhealthy and fattening for us. 
  • There’s a great documentary when you get a chance, watch the details on familiar boxes and bags that end up in many homes.
What about RED? I like my anti-oxidant drink?  
  • Ok, here it goes: a 4 fluid ounce glass of the red juice (wine) has 80 calories.
  • 6 oz = 112 calories; a bottle has 480 calories and a liter of red wine has 640 calories.
  • How to Work it off:

    • 7 minutes = moderate skipping (drills)
    • 8.5 minutes of moderate running
    • 10.5 minutes of general aerobics
    • 15 minutes of golf
    • 19.5 minutes of intensity housework
    • 21 minutes (about 10 minute pace) in speed walking – not your Sunday stroll
    • 23 minutes of walking your pup or cat if it can handle being leash walked
    • 27 minutes of dusting
What is the best way to burn off fat?  
  • Go outside, walk, hike, run, bike ride, anything that you enjoy doing that burns those calories.  We are all athletes, so go out start your day or end it in the right way-train insane or remain the same.

Exercise. burns fat – no shortcuts