Benefits of Volunteering & Cross Training

Our coaches volunteer week after week to be there to help you discover your untapped possibilities you have as an athlete. One of the benefits of volunteering is our health, did you know that research demonstrates volunteering leads to better health and that older volunteers are most likely to receive physical and mental health benefits […]


Growing Older and Wiser

First and foremost, what a fantastic workout we had on Saturday.  Several athletes stated several comments: “reached a new passion for fitness” and “found my love for running once again”. Second, as years go by, we get a little wiser, (or so I like to believe — lol) I’ve learned that healthy food choices we […]


Date Bite Recipe

Dates: are a great source of magnesium, they contain calcium, iron, potassium and great for muscle development. Dates also offer a healthy balance for bone development due to the amounts of minerals that are found in them. Date Bites: (this is what we had at practice) 2 cups of pitted dates (fresh as possible) 1 […]


What is Lactic Acid?

Balanced Running is combined with balanced living, our mission is to improve your quality of life through running and walking. We’ve created impactful partnerships because we’re community leaders and health advocates. We believe that all walks of life deserve to improve their quality of life through a supportive and motivating environment. Whether you’re a walker, […]


Ice Ice Baby

Ice is a natural anti-inflammatory for recovery. So are ice baths, believe it or not, will aid in your muscle mending as well as with training and race performance. The shock of getting into a tub of ice is not entirely a fun filled event, however, when you soak in a tub of ice water […]


Motivational Mental Monday

How many times have we said or thought: “my schedule gets a little hectic, I enjoy participating in all sorts of fun events, but don’t have time” “I had to work late, didn’t get my workout in” “how will I ever stay motivated?” “I’m too slow & don’t want to slow anyone down” “I’m not […]


How Many Calories do You Burn?

First and foremost – congrats to everyone who raced this weekend….time to brag about your bling…. As you see the by the columns below, calories burned and what it takes to work off our unwanted calories. I thought you’d get a great chuckle (or shock) either way, wanted to pass this information along to you. […]


Running in the Heat

Hello and Happy Health, Your heart rate during the summer months with heat index, humidity and dew point can be excruciating. So ensure to train smart and hydrate accordingly.  Did you know that during hot weather, people who exercise outdoors need to take steps to avoid heat injury? (source according to American Council on Exercise). […]