GPS Watches and Racing

So here’s something I wanted to bring to your attention. How often have you looked at your Garmin (or some form of GPS device) after a race and said? “I ran longer” “this race course was short” “My GPS says I ran xxx distance over the actual race” Below is some helpful information, a combination […]

Running + Antibiotics = Caution

Several questions came our way regarding running and medication(s).  Keep in mind, we’re speaking from a coach’s point of view, obviously we’re not physicians, however, if you have any concerns at any time, please refer to your healthcare provider for medical issues. Question (geared towards dehydration): I’ve been really tired lately and have been getting […]


Please note, information on Anti-Doping applies to athletes who want to train and compete at a National or International Meet. (the following applies to all athletes, young and seasoned). 🙂 But there is useful information regarding supplements which some of our athletes consume. US ANTI-DOPING – KNOW THE RULES: Anyone can be chosen at anytime […]

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The Sweat and Hydration Formula

It’s no Sweat to stay Hydrated: We can’t get away from it, Sweat Happens, especially during the heat of the months, when it’s not only but extremely humid.  The amount of sweat depends on several elements, such as your intensity level, weather, and individual temperatures as well as your sweat rate. Here’s an illustration of […]