2018 September 22 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners, Coaches Dale & Tina are back from Spain.  Coach Tina (a.k.a. Captain America) returned home with two medals for Team U.S.A.  She performed brilliantly in cross-country, 5000m, and half-marathon.  Coach Dale flawlessly executed the duties of “Bag Dude” – enabling Tina and her teammates to run without worrying about their gear. This […]

2018 SEP 08 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners, Welcome to the Fall 2018 Runner/Walker Development Program!  We are excited that you’re joining us to put in your fall mileage. Dale and Tina are broken hearted that they won’t be with you for the first day.  Well, okay not really broken hearted.  Tina is running in the World Masters Track Championships (she […]