2017 JUL 22 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners – Get ready to sweat!  Looks like tomorrow morning is going to be another sweat-fest.  Please properly prepare – hydrate with appropriate beverages tonight and bring a water bottle with you tomorrow morning.  The workout is short and intense (but scalable). Warm-Up: ROM routine Warm-up exercises: 3 x #>0[1 burpee, 2 push-ups, […]

5 cross-training options that closely simulate actual running

Even when you’re following a strict training plan, life can get in the way and make it hard to squeeze in a run. When life gets crazy, here are 5 cross-training options that closely simulate actual running:  Treadmill running Deep water running Cross-country skiing Elliptical training Cycling 1. Treadmill Running This cross-training activity simulates your running form […]