Setting realistic Goals while staying safe & keeping the distance:

  • Have a SMART model – write them down – it’s a contract with yourself and your future self will thank you!
    • Specific – be specific, i.e., I want to run/walk 3 times a week for 20 minutes, etc. Or, I want to eat healthy, will aim at having more water and greens with my meals.
    • Measurable – I want to run/walk 3 times a week and increase my distance and/or times to become a bit faster. (be realistic). I will drink coffee without sugar, or have salads with citrus juice versus unhealthy salad dressings.
    • Achievable –  Ran 3 times this week and only had to stop twice, during my run/walk. Or, replaced my sodas with water, or replaced my mid-day snacks with healthy options i.e. almonds versus candy.
    • Relevant – make your goals applicable, i.e. if you want to further your education to help you with your next career, or if you want to get healthy, then you seek guidance from a coach who can help you reach your goals.
    • Time-Frame – in 8 weeks I want to be able to run my first 5k. Or I plan on studying for the LSAT and taking it in May. My goal is to lose [x] amount of weight by March. etc.
  • Know your numbers! This applies to each of us, regardless of age, our numbers affect our lives.

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