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Your heart rate during the summer months with heat index, humidity and dew point can be excruciating. So ensure to train smart and hydrate accordingly.  Did you know that during hot weather, people who exercise outdoors need to take steps to avoid heat injury? (source according to American Council on Exercise).
Staying hydrated is essential and can be accomplished by drinking a large amount of fluids (until you feel somewhat bloated) at least 30 minutes prior to training.  “Drinking at least 6 oz of fluids every 20 minutes during training and drinking beyond the point where you are no longer thirsty after exercise” stated Dr. Cedric Bryant from the Councils Chief Science Officer in a council news release.  Water is generally the best fluid, unless your training session lasts longer than 60 minutes, in which case you’ll want to consume a sports drink for the benefits your body will receive (please note: avoid the “flush out” replenish with electrolytes while re-hydrating, that’s the benefit of Jana, it has the natural minerals).
Tips to implement:
  • Gradually adapt your body to training in hot weather, this usually takes 10 to 14 days and can greatly reduce your risk for heat injury.  Once your body is acclimatized, you will sweat sooner, produce more sweat and lose fewer electrolytes.
  • Replace Lost Electrolytes-sweat extracts salt and minerals from the body. It’s important to maintain sodium and electrolyte levels if you are sweating profusely. Generation UCAN is another great source to fuel your body.
Benefits of acclimatization:
  • A lower body core temperature
  • decreased heart rate during exercise
  • Reduced risk of dehydration
  • Do not wear rubberized sweat suites or any other clothing that is impermeable to water. Cotton is rotten and this type of clothing prevents the evaporation of sweat from the skin, increasing the risk of heat injury. Take extreme caution when the weather is above 90 degrees and humidity is above 60, see Temperature index chart for more details.

Also, please ensure to check the heat index and dew point on your training days.