Tina Klein

RRCA Certified Coach

Tina Klein, MPA is a current world ranked and All-American track athlete. Founder of Balanced Running LLC as well as Vamos “Let’s Go” Running, Tina created Balanced Running with passion to bring the benefits of a balanced life through running to as many people as possible. Being from the Lone Star State, fluent in several languages, one of her favorite mottos: Vamos Let’s Go Running, por que Correr is Vivir, because Running is Life.  Whether you’re a runner or walker, we welcome you to your new running adventure and reaching new milestones: It’s time to Move!

Education & Certifications

Master’s Degree – Public AdministrationUSATF Level 1 CoachRRCA Certified Coach

Current Running Awards

World ranked in the Master’s Outdoor 5000m and 3000m (2015 & 2016)World ranked in the Master’s Indoor 3000m (2015 & 2016)All-American in the 3000m, 5K, 10K and 10-mile (2015 & 2016)

Tina is a proud military veteran who served as a U.S. Army Officer. She has been interviewed on Faith Talk Radio and featured in Army 10 Miler magazine.


Andrea Lockhart

From 5k to IRONMAN 70.3…and Everything in Between

Crossing the finish line of my first half marathon brought me to tears. I couldn’t imagine going from 0 to 13.1 miles in less than a year, but I DID IT!!!

In 2013, I completed my first marathon…Chicago followed by the New York City marathon the following year. In 2015, I added more triathlons to my race calendar and completed by first IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon in Augusta, GA. Every year holds a new challenge and I continue to push the boundaries of my physical abilities.

I am a USATF Certified Coach – Fundamental Level and I enjoy serving my community as a volunteer coach for Balanced Running LLC.


Gil Navarro

Because the Next few months will go by whether you run or not… MAKE THEM COUNT!

Back in 1990 after a terrible performance in what would be my last triathlon. I saw my oldest son waiting for me at the finish line… I took one look at him and said “I rather hang out with you, then do that again!” Soooo, I did just that…. After taking off over 20 years from most forms of running. I have found my love and passion again for this sport. It’s an addiction!!! During those years of sabbatical I focused my attention to raising 3 men and trying to be a good husband.. (My wife would disagree! 😉 ), as well as coaching varsity high school baseball in cobb county.

I joined Tina and the rest of the Balanced Running coaches back in 2013 working to help others reach their goals. What I found was that helping others helped me most of all. I’ve once again become addicted to running and actively work to being even better then when I left this sport back in 1990.

“It Is What It Is… Unless It Aint… Then It’s Not SO GO FOR A RUN!”


Sam Wilburn

My first race was a marathon (I would NOT recommend this!) in the fall of 2012. Since then, I’ve become hooked on running, and have run over 30 races including 5K’s, 10K’s, 15K’s, half marathons, and several more marathons. I’ve even convinced my girlfriend and son to run a few 5K’s with me, and now my girlfriend runs more races than I do.I believe that nothing worthwhile is easy. While running a marathon requires an enormous amount of effort and discipline, the satisfaction and fulfillment after finishing is what makes it worthwhile.

Amy Wilson

I love being part of the Balanced Running team. It’s a fantastic group of people that have a passion for people and running. I still consider myself a “new” runner because I know exactly how it feels to get discouraged, lose your “mojo”, and get frustrated. I also know how amazing it feels to run your first mile without stopping. I know how it feels to be injured, recover, and bounce back stronger and better than ever. I believe I can help folks stay on track and find their motivation. I’m also really chatty and will talk your ear off so that you don’t even realize we are running. I am not kidding. If you don’t like to talk, you should avoid me!


Dale Klein

I started running with my Dad when I was 8 years old. He was part of the 70’s “jogging boom” and it was a great thrill to join him on a run. Of the countless gifts Dad has given me, running is among the best. Needless to say, I’ve been running ever since – sometimes seriously, sometimes for conditioning, and always for the adventure.

I have trained for events spanning from track meet sprints to iron-distance triathlons. My attention is now focused on obstacle course racing. Through these “running” adventures I have met the most fascinating peopleand developed the most rewarding personal relationships of my life.For most of my adult life, I’ve traveled frequently for work. I don’t know a way to unwind after a long flight and get to know my surroundings better than going for a run. These often adventurous outings have enabled meto see incredible sights around the world that I would otherwise have missed.My greatest running adventure is the one that brought me to the love of my life. I met my Beautiful Wife at an icy cold 5k. It was love at first sight – sweat, snot, and all. This grand adventure will continue forever.Coaching in some capacity has been part of my life since I was 13 – baseball, athletic conditioning, weight lifting, swimming, and of course running. Today, helping adults achieve goals they had not previously considered, is among my most rewarding experiences. As a matter of fact, when people ask what I do, I proudly say “I’m a running coach.”

So, in short, running and coaching runners is not just an adventure of a lifetime, it is my life and I’m damn proud of it!


Rubi Crichlow

I have done 10Ks, 15ks, a duathlon, triathlons, 4 half marathons, and my biggest achievement to date – the Chicago marathon! With every training cycle, I discover something new about myself, I learn something new about the sport, I experience new areas of Atlanta, I experience new moments of awesomeness, and most of all I inspire the people around me (near or far), be it family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, coaches, and other parents to get healthy and active.

I am happy to finally be able to give back to the running community. By request, I have started a beginner’s running group consisting of my daughter’s friends’ mothers. As a group, we hope to bring our teenage daughters together in a running capacity so that they can train and complete a 5k. I have become a champion for Delta Air Lines’ IT Wellness team to help coworkers lead a balanced life. I am excited to join the awesome team of Balanced Running coaches and hope to help new and experienced runners achieve their moments of awesomeness through running.I am an unlikely runner that has found a passion in the sport of running.

I run to keep balance in my life.