How to track your running shoe mileage

How many miles have you logged in your current running shoes? If you’ve been tracking your mileage with your technical devices, then chances are you’ll have a rough idea how many miles you have on your shoes (assuming you’ve been wearing the same shoes for training, walking, running, etc.). If you’re not currently keeping track of […]


Is it Safe to Run Outside Amid COVID-19?

Does running increase or decrease my immunity to COVID-19? We’ve had quite a few COVID-19 related questions about running outdoors and the effect on our immune systems. In this email, we will review a few studies from certified health professionals on this topic to help you make the best decision for yourself. Disclaimer: This is […]


17 Mar 2020 – Time to Train!

Hey Balanced Running – During this time of uncertainty we should focus on the things we can control. Our daily training is something we can control. Our physical activity will help us cope with current circumstances by building our bodies and minds. If you want to train with me, check out Balanced Running’s Facebook and […]


Cross Training for Runners

When cold weather strikes, (you may have experienced on your training days), it can damper your training regimen. Many of you may elect to go hit the slopes. Cross Training (XT) is great for that, just ask Balanced Running athlete, Caroline Dunn, 2019 Team USA Gold & Silver Medalist.


Flying, Traveling And Hydration

It’s getting to be that time of year when we start looking at race calendars, itineraries and travel information. So here’s a fun fact. Did you know that the average cruising speed for a passenger jet is 575 mph? Yes, the flying the jet “Aeroplane” is super fast but not as fast of the speed […]


Roll With Me

Regardless of the sport you’re training in, it’s always wise to get your muscles worked on by either a sports massage therapist, a physiotherapist, or at the very least stretch and foam roll. Foam rolling has many benefits of sports massage when you’re unable to see your massage therapist on a regular basis. Benefits of […]

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What’s in your supplement?

With a New Year there’s new goals for weight loss and lots of advertisements regarding “quick weight loss.” Bad news, there’s no “quick fix” to being athletic or having the proper nutrition for health and fitness. Are you intrigued by supplements that contain a “proprietary blend”? According to this ABC News article, “The popular body-building supplement Craze […]


How can I determine my Sweat Ratio?

It’s no sweat to stay hydrated ~ but how do I determine my sweat ratio?
As we know, when we train sweat is inevitable, (even after our workouts, you may have discovered you’re still toweling off from profusion). The amount of sweat depends on several elements, such as the intensity level, weather and individual temperatures, which included your sweat rate.

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World Regionals 2019, Toronto

Head Coach Tina Klein won the Silver medal for Team USA in the 8K Cross Country event at the NCCWMA (North America, Central American, Caribbean World Masters Athletics) championship on July 21, 2019 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She also finished just seconds off the podium at the 5000m track race. Coach Tina Klein successfully coached […]

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2019 JUL 06 – BR Workout – SSA # 4

Hello Balanced Runners, We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable INDEPENDENCE DAY!  Congratulations to everyone who completed their race of choice (We rocked Woodstock’s Freedom Run).   Looks like tomorrow is going to be another hot practice – please make sure you hydrate well tonight and bring a water bottle tomorrow.  We will also be hitting the […]


Running with Your Dog

Ah, the joys of our 4 legged runners. Here’s the scoop: It’s okay to walk your pup after a run, however, you don’t want to begin a two a day running work-out routine because your body may not be trained properly for two a day running workouts.

2019 JUN 29 – BR Workout – SSA #3

Hello Balanced Runners, Get ready to SWEAT! Looks like warming up is going to be pretty easy tomorrow morning.   This is the last evolution of our “MONA” series.  Next week we change modes and enter our “REPEAT” series. Warm-up: ROM routing Hip mobility Band exercises Workout: Drills: High knees Butt kicks Carioca A-skip B-skip Advanced butt kicks […]

2019 JUN 15 – BR Workout – SSA #1

Hello Balanced Runners, It’s that time, the summer session of the Runner Development Program starts tomorrow – bright & early at 07:30AM.  This 8-week session covers the training time for the next three Kennesaw Grand Prix races – so our focus is on speed, strength and agility (SSA).  Lace up your running shoes and get ready to […]


GPS Watches and Racing

So here’s something I wanted to bring to your attention. How often have you looked at your Garmin (or some form of GPS device) after a race and said? “I ran longer” “this race course was short” “My GPS says I ran xxx distance over the actual race” Below is some helpful information, a combination […]


Running in this heat and humidity..

First and Foremost…you’ve got what it takes to be an athlete. The mind is the athlete: You Can, You Will, You Must! Next, stay hydrated and train smart. It’s getting hot & humid out that even the chickens will begin laying hard boiled eggs. Secondly, We’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes repetitive information is necessary […]

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2019 MAY 04 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Get Ready!  Balanced Running is meeting at the Fast & Furry 5k tomorrow morning.  The event promises a “Pawsome” time.  This race supports one of Coach Debra’s favorite organizations – Paw Angels.  Start time is 0900 in Calhoun GA. In you can’t make it – tomorrow’s plan is:  Warm-up:        ROM Routine                         Hip Mobility Drills:              Skipping Run:                Time – 30:00 […]


2019 APR 27 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Let’s start with a big shout-out to the members of our Balanced Running Tribe in Louisville KY for the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon.  We wish them all a “perfecta” race. Our morning in Kennesaw is also looking good – 50’ish, and no rain.  I don’t know about the wind, but keeping my fingers crossed […]


2019 APR 20 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Be prepared to bundle up tomorrow morning – it might be wet and cold.  If it is raining, we’ll gather in a pavilion at the bottom of the hill near the trail head.   Here is the plan for tomorrow morning… Warm-up:        ROM Routine                         Hip Mobility Drills:              Skipping Run:                Time – 30:00                         Miles (I) – 1.5 mile […]


Gurney to Finish Line Journey #7

Wow – time flies…it has been six weeks since I returned to running.  The progress that I’ve made has been incredible.  I started 3 x (walking for 5 min / running for 1 min) and felt like I had just completed a long run during marathon training.  I gradually progressed to completing 5 repeats of the 6-minute set […]


2019 APR 13 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! The Klein’s are BACK! We missed you and are looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early tomorrow morning.  We are going to continue our stability strength phase and return to Stability A.  This week we will do two sets of each exercise with a low/moderate number of reps. Please be sure to bring your mat, […]


2019 APR 06 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Greetings from Alexandria, VA!  This week, Coaches Debra, Andy & Bill will be leading the way for Balanced Running. I hope you had a chance to try last weekend’s Stability A workout during the week.  This week we’re adding Stability B to the mix.  Going forward, you should work these routines into your weekly training (for […]

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2019 MAR 30 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Greetings from New Orleans! Welcome to week three of the first 5k training cycle.  The Klein Coaching Duo will be with you in spirit – Coaches Debra, Andy & Bill “put you through the paces” tomorrow morning. Here is the plan for tomorrow morning… Warm-up:        ROM Routine                         Hip Mobility Drills:              Skipping Run:                Time – 30:00                         Miles […]

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2019 MAR 23 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Welcome to week two of the first 5k training cycle.  Fingers crossed – it will be warmer tomorrow morning.   To accommodate schedules, we are going to try moving the durability session up this week.  Again, we are going to focus on our feet with this week’s specialty topic specifically the big toe joint.  We’ll also […]


Alexa + Running = Running Clothes

Hi! My name is Caroline Dunn, and I am one of Tina’s athletes and the webmaster for her website. I’ve combined my knowledge of running (under the coaching of Tina Klein) with my Alexa dev skills to create an app for Amazon Alexa called, “Running Clothes.” I created “Running Clothes” to take the guesswork out […]

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2019 MAR 16 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Welcome to the first 5k training cycle of 2019!  This 8-week training evolution will prepare us for the first Kennesaw Grand Prix, the Swift Cantrell Classic, and work on making us better running and walking machines.  I will bring printed copies of each training plan version and we’ll complete a quick brief before we […]

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2019 MAR 09 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Looks like we may have rain tomorrow morning – remember WE TRAIN IN THE RAIN!  We will be on the lookout for storms, we will not have practice if the conditions are dangerous.  With that said, get ready for the last Rehab/Prehab session of the season.  Next week we begin our slow march to the […]

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2019 MAR 02 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Just looked at the calendar and realized we are now 10 weeks away from the first Kennesaw Grand Prix Race – Swift Cantrell Classic!  So, the groundhog saw its shadow again and there are only 2 weeks of Rehab/Prehab left.  Don’t worry, the 5k plan we roll into will include plenty of strength for […]


Gurney to Finish Line Journey – #6

So, an update is long overdue, but I was waiting to have a big one – and this is it!   Last week, I met with my surgeon’s office (his PA) and received word that I’m ready to return to running J.  Equally as good, my fears about long term problems have been dissipated…I was actually told, I’m […]

2019 FEB 23 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Looks like there is a chance that we won’t have to run in the rain tomorrow morning.  That’s okay, we’ll manage.  Remember to bring an exercise mat because we’ll hit the deck, plus a change of clothes for after the run.   Warm-up: Range of Motion (ROM) RoutineHip Mobility Strength: Rehab/Prehab Routine Workout: 30:00 – […]

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2019 FEB 09 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Wow – what a great week (or I should say Thursday) for me – I was able to participate at both the Dawn Patrol workout and the Oval Office workout.  Big thanks to all of the Balanced Runners at these workouts in the dark J We’re going to mix the routine up a bit […]

2019 Feb 02 – BR Workout

Hello Balanced Runners! Well this weekend looks a lot warmer than last weekend.  Big shout out to the hearty runners that completed last week’s workout – Sarah, Stacie, Emmanuel, & Melanie! They rocked the cold. This week’s plan looks a lot like last week’s – given the weather the Fantastic Four (SSEM) got right to the […]