Tina Klein

RRCA Certified Coach

Tina Klein, MPA is a current world ranked and All-American track athlete. Tina created Balanced Running with passion to bring the benefits of a balanced life through running to as many people as possible.


Run Coaching Services

Concierge Coaching


Need a training program that fits your busy schedule? Balanced Running offers individual coaching to help meet your running goals at your convenience. Contact us for more information about personal training.

Group Training

Our Running Development Program is offered in partnership with Kennesaw Parks & Recreation. Training caters to all levels of runners and walkers, and all distances from 5K to full Marathons.



2019 APR 20 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! Be prepared to bundle up tomorrow morning – it might be wet and cold.  If it is raining, we’ll gather in a pavilion at the bottom of the hill near the trail head.   Here is the plan for tomorrow morning… Warm-up:        ROM Routine                         Hip Mobility Drills:              Skipping Run:                Time – 30:00                         Miles (I) – 1.5 mile […]


Gurney to Finish Line Journey #7

Wow – time flies…it has been six weeks since I returned to running.  The progress that I’ve made has been incredible.  I started 3 x (walking for 5 min / running for 1 min) and felt like I had just completed a long run during marathon training.  I gradually progressed to completing 5 repeats of the 6-minute set […]


2019 APR 13 – BR Workout

Hey Balanced Runners! The Klein’s are BACK! We missed you and are looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early tomorrow morning.  We are going to continue our stability strength phase and return to Stability A.  This week we will do two sets of each exercise with a low/moderate number of reps. Please be sure to bring your mat, […]